The Ferrer HealthTech brand provides the seal of quality through which our chemical division and its five factories manufacture and supply raw materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as food and feed ingredients.

The success of our highly qualified team comes from working proactively with our clients to find complete and creative solutions across the fine chemical and pharmaceutical sector. Our long history has been built on the best products which meet the most exacting quality standards. It is a formula that has produced results worldwide, with international sales representing 80% of turnover.

Ferrer HealthTech offers an integrated service. We have unrivalled expertise in researching, manufacturing and commercializing active ingredients, excipients, intermediates, food ingredients, flavourings, sweeteners, animal nutrition and nutraceuticals.

State-of-the-art R&D capabilities ensure the most efficient manufacturing processes while prioritizing environmental considerations. Our production plants boast:

  • Compliance with the highest international quality standards, including FDA certification and full implementation of GMP and ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001 for environmental management
  • Food, feed and pharmaceutical safety: HACCP and FAMI QS


Ernest Domènech

Ferrer HealthTech General Manager

Ricard Viladomiu

Ricard Viladomiu

Commercial Manager Ingredients Division, Ferrer Alimentación

Emma Gómez

Emma Gómez

Commercial Manager Dairy Products Division, Ferrer Alimentación

Pedro Miró

Pedro Miró

Comercial Manager Industrial Raw Materials, Medir, Ferrer y Cía.

Alex Valls Coma

Alex Valls

Manager in Ferrer HealthTech