Ferrer HealthTech is committed to continue developing new ingredients for the Food and Flavouring industries. Our taste-modifying compounds, sweetness enhancers, bitterness masking agents, and colour stabilisers will always assist the food industry in producing new formulas with nutritional ingredients which, are bound to increase a business’ competitive advantage while maintaining or improving the taste profile of its products.


The type of molecules introduced to the market by Ferrer HealthTech to date have made significant technological impact to multiple applications. Our desire to deliver new solutions and expand our portfolio motivates our development team to continually investigate new molecules.


To further expand our portfolio, we also develop - in collaboration with partners from around the world and in line with our stringent quality standards - our own innovative range of ingredients.

Citrosa is Ferrer HealtHTech's brand for the flavonoid Neohesperidine Dyhydrochalcone. It has a very strong sweetness synergy with bulk sweeteners.
nf01 is a versatile taste masker, especially efficient at masking bitterness, astringency and off tastes without affecting the other descriptors.
Ferrer HealthTech has intensively researched nf02 to obtain consistent sensorial properties and to develop food application concepts.

Own products