Quality and commitment in manufacturing

As a fully integrated company, Ferrer has maintained a longstanding commitment to its industrial activity.

Our certified manufacturing centres in Spain, United States and Mexico produce chemicals and finished pharmaceuticals to the highest standards, both for our own products and for other companies. Our dedicated group logistics hub is an example of ground-breaking automation matched to sustainable design.

The implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices and the latest industrial technologies ensures the highest quality standards. Environmental best practice and certification confirm the importance of sustainability or Ferrer. Integrated supply chain management and fully connected R&D, scaling up and manufacturing guarantee the most efficient industrial processes.

Manufacturing in Ferrer, fully qualified and certified
  • Compliance with the highest international quality standards, including FDA certification and full implementation of GMP ICH Q7A and ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015 of the production centers of FISA, SFB, Interquim Sant Cugat, Interquim Beniel and Corporate Services. Each of these centers has an environmental policy that emanates from the corporate sustainability strategy Our Planet Our Life, and which is available to interested parties who request it.
  • Food, feed and pharmaceutical safety: HACCP and FAMI QS
  • Health & safety: OHSAS 18001
  • Logistics centre and expansion of pharmaceutical manufacturing centre in line with US Green Building Council LEED certification.