Ferrer’s mission: Advance the wellbeing of society

In Ferrer, our mission is clear. It is our absolute conviction that the purpose of a business is to contribute to the society it serves. Only those companies who make this commitment will grow and succeed. 

As such, prioritizing social responsibility, in its many forms, is one of the company’s permanent and fundamental objectives. Sustainable growth, combining economic progress, social cohesion and environmental responsibility are at the heart of Ferrer’s responsibility to its stakeholders.

Our core business

Our corporate values – boldness, commitment, conviction, eco-consciousness, empathy, humility, inclusiveness, integrity, passion and trust – mean that social responsibility is central to how we focus and go about our core business. Ferrer works to produce the most effective healthcare solutions, capable of improving the quality of life of people all over the world. 

This includes social projects such as the development of a cardiovascular polypill, supported by the World Heart Federation and the Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC), and sold at an accessible price throughout the developed and developing worlds. Ferrer is also committed to other projects that further the sustainability of our healthcare systems, with a strong research focus on the prevention, diagnosis and prognosis of serious diseases.

In order to do all of this and more, we must ensure a solid financial base to support and encourage continuing innovation.

Ferrer and the environment

One area of particular importance in Ferrer is environmental sustainability. We are firmly committed to a business model that promotes sustainability and makes environmental awareness one of our key values. So we have launched our Sustainability Strategy: Our Planet, Our Life

Internationally-recognised environmental certification is applied across our many centres and the building of the new logistics centre and expansion of the pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Sant Cugat were carried out according to the strictest international criteria of biosustainability - US Green Building Council LEED certification. These installations are international benchmarks in terms of energy and environmental design and show that in Ferrer, economic growth is fully compatible with sustainability. In fact, the reconciliation of the two is our only viable future.

Ferrer and society

Ferrer’s aim is to produce the highest quality products in a responsible way. We recognise that our business activities are carried out within the wider context of society, and we apply ethical criteria to our relationships with all of our stakeholders – community, clients, consumers, the authorities, suppliers and our employees.

This affects not only how we work, but also the activities we foment: the creation and support of foundations, training for healthcare professionals, initiatives to reduce the marginalisation of certain groups within the health system, patient support, active research into infectious diseases in developing countries and interaction with and assistance for local community projects.

Ferrer is also committed to the wellbeing of its employees, ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation in terms of health and safety, diversity and equal opportunities, providing opportunities for professional development and facilitating a positive work-life balance.