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Together, we can be remarkable


Making a positive impact on people’s lives is one thing. Having the means to do it is another. The barriers to progress are real.

At Ferrer, we understand the value of long-term relationships in the biotechnology industry. The power of collaboration in breaking down barriers to progress. And the potential of creating lasting transformative change.

That’s why we seek collaborative partnerships with like-minded businesses that look to prioritize the needs of underserved patients around the world. 

Our focus

In our aim to provide significant differential value to people suffering from serious illnesses, we have defined a clear global strategy for developing a portfolio of innovative products capable of transforming the lives of patients with severe and debilitating diseases. 

Priority therapeutic areas:
Pulmonary vascular and interstitial lung diseases
neurological disorders

Both areas include rare or low-prevalence diseases that often lack appropriate or authorised treatments. Accordingly, Ferrer's commitment to the research and development of potential solutions in these areas is crucial for improving the lives of the people affected, as well as for efficiently managing healthcare resources.

How do we support our partners’ business development?



Extensive resources for developing, producing and marketing new innovations, products and biotechnologies



Solid and reliable international network 



Commercial, regulatory and marketing expertise in the European markets and beyond



Proven track record of partnering with high-impact companies



Commitment to put your product first 

What types of partnership do we seek? 

licensing in Ferrer


Ferrer has extensive experience in establishing impactful strategic alliances with public institutions, emerging biotechnology companies, local medium-sized companies and large multinationals – and a track record of successful partnerships to prove it. 

We bring the specialist know-how, regulatory and marketing knowledge you need to make an impact in fast-changing and complex local markets. Plus, our established relationships with academic organizations and companies dedicated to state-of-the-art research mean we continue to bring new insights, expertise and capabilities to the table to accelerate early or late-stage developments.

Our flexible, vertically-integrated organization allows us to be truly efficient in terms of analyzing opportunities for collaboration and gently fast-tracking the decision-making process.

licensing out Ferrer


Streamlining patient access to our own developments is equally important. This means partnering with organizations in countries where we do not operate directly, such as North America, Asia and other emerging markets, or establishing collaborations focused on powering our R&D projects to accelerate market entry and commercialization. 


Ready to develop remarkable treatments together? 





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