Los nuevos espacios en las oficinas de Ferrer

Ferrer obtains the highest LEED certification rating for its Barcelona offices

Ferrer's headquarters, located in Barcelona, have been awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification, the highest category of the internationally prestigious seal awarded by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). The pharmaceutical company has earned this recognition after the implementation of practical and measurable solutions in areas such as sustainable construction of physical spaces, water conservation, energy efficiency, the use of selected materials and indoor environment quality.


Buildings built to the standards defined by the USGBC allow companies to operate according to more environmentally-friendly criteria and provide their users with a healthy and comfortable workspace. "The refurbishment of Ferrer's office building is a reflection of our corporate strategy, which includes the key pillars of ensuring personal wellbeing and caring for the environment. The work, which began in 2019, was carried out with the specific aim of facilitating teamwork and flexibility among the company's employees, a fundamental requirement in creating a culture based on trust and responsibility" said Marta Anglada, Head of Sustainability at Ferrer. "The fact that we have obtained the highest category of LEED certification shows how well the new spaces perform in terms of benefitting the environment and the health of workers".


Some of the key aspects that resulted in the pharmaceutical company's headquarters obtaining LEED Platinum certification include efficient use of water, thanks to mechanisms that guarantee a 60.8% saving in water consumption compared to the facilities' previous normal levels, as well as reductions of 23.6% in electricity consumption and 51.3% in waste generation. Furthermore, 100% of the energy used by the new Ferrer offices comes from renewable sources, which contributes to the objective of eliminating dependence on fossil fuels and promoting the decarbonisation of energy throughout the company.


The pharmaceutical company scored 83 points in the certification process, surpassing the USGBC's threshold for automatically awarding the LEED Platinum rating, the most prestigious international seal of approval for sustainable buildings. "The results obtained and the achievement of this certification reinforce Ferrer's commitment to its strategy of sustainable management of its business activities in a way that contributes to people’s wellbeing and the protection of our planet,” highlighted Anglada. “Our roadmap includes obtaining LEED certification for all our operational centres that are over 1,000 m2".


The LEED certification is a tool that offers the possibility of achieving long-term benefits in building lifecycles for better energy performance and, consequently, the wellbeing of the building's users and the planet. "The work of innovative building projects like Ferrer's is a fundamental driving force in transforming the way our buildings are built, designed and operated," said Peter Templeton, President and CEO of the USGBC. "Buildings that achieve LEED certification are lowering carbon emissions, reducing operating costs and conserving resources while prioritizing sustainable practices and human health. Because of Ferrer, we are increasing the number of green buildings and getting closer to USGBC’s goal to outpace conventional buildings, while being environmentally and socially responsible and improving quality of life for generations to come".


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