Healthcare professionals

Ferrer, always at the service of the medical community


Ferrer’s dedication towards proximity is reflected in the different support and communication channels made available to healthcare professionals to deal with queries relating to medical information, safety or defects related to the quality of the medication. 




We at Ferrer aim to ensure the medical community is correctly informed about the use and delivery of medication. 


To this end, we believe it is of paramount importance that medical professionals have access to in-depth knowledge of any new developments in diagnostic and treatment related to the therapeutic areas we operate in so they may pass this on to the general public, which in turn will yield benefits for people’s health.

Additionally, we at Ferrer place at the disposal of healthcare professionals a number of digital services so they may further their knowledge about our activities and new products, so it may translate into an improvement to their daily clinical practice.

Global Websites



Info Science is the Ferrer Scientific Communication and Information Department corporate web site, and it allows users to carry out scientific or medical searches about our prescription products and to receive objective replies based on existing scientific evidence.


Ferrer Pro

Ferrer PRO

At Ferrer, we work to ensure a safe use of our therapeutic solutions, providing comprehensive, reliable, and updated scientific information. If you are a healthcare professional, discover Ferrer PRO, The Medical Science Hub, a platform with eminent scientific content that will assist you in both your daily clinical practice and your research work. 



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