Liveable planet

We promote the protection of the environment for our own good


At Ferrer, we understand that economic development must be accompanied by sustainable management of our activities. This contributes to improving people's quality of life and protecting our planet. To fulfil our purpose, we promote the environmental preservation of our planet for our own good and for the wellbeing of future generations.
Our main objectives are:



For Ferrer's direct emissions to be carbon positive through the neutralisation and offsetting of the CO2 emissions we are unable to reduce.



For Ferrer's global emissions to be carbon positive.


We pursue them in two strategic areas:

Mitigating climate change


Protecting natural resources


Mitigating climate change

At Ferrer, we have aligned our climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy with the objectives of the Paris Agreement (COP 21) and the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as part of our response to the enormous challenges that we are facing as a society. These are our commitments:

We adhere to the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and the Business Ambition for 1.5 °C campaign, through which companies make commitments to establishing science-based objectives in line with limiting global warming. Our commitment, approved by the expert committee for this initiative, establishes a target of reducing emissions for which we are directly responsible by 50% and emissions for which we are indirectly responsible by 25%.

We want to achieve a recovery rate of 90% of all waste generated by 2025 and become a Zero Waste to Landfill company. Furthermore, at Ferrer, we are committed to implementing a sustainable packaging model that allows us to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging by 25% through the sustainable design of 50% of our products by 2030.

Our Energy Efficiency Programme ensures that 100% of our operations centres and offices in Spain run on renewable energy. By 2025, we want all the electricity that we contract at all our locations to come from renewable energy sources.

Our Sustainable Transport Plan will allow us to determine, optimise and reduce the impact of transport in Ferrer. That's why, we want our fleet of vehicles to be 100% electric by 2030.

We are committed to involving our suppliers and clients in improving transparency and collaboration and encouraging them to take part in international initiatives that fight against climate change

Ferrer offset its 2020 scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions through a reforestation project with 5,000 trees of different varieties and locations through a collaborative effort with the organisation Treedom. (Forest for good— Green events on Treedom)


Protecting natural resources


At Ferrer, we promote the protection of natural resources, such as water and biodiversity, as a strategy for the environmental conservation of the planet.


Water is essential for all Ferrer production plants. Therefore, through our Water Management Strategy, we ensure proper management of this resource, applying prevention, reuse and recovery measures whenever possible. To ensure proper management of water resources at our centres and throughout the value chain, we are working to reduce the water footprint of the entire value chain by 25% by 2025.

Biodiversity is essential for sustaining human life on Earth. At Ferrer, we want to take urgent action to address global biodiversity losses. Therefore, through our Biodiversity Conservation Strategy, we have set the goal of reducing our impact on biodiversity by 10% by 2030.

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