While our main goal is that of improving healthcare and quality of life, we are well aware of the great responsibility we have towards our surroundings, and because of this, we remain fully committed towards social, environmental and economic sustainability. The company was born in Barcelona in 1959, and we currently have a presence in a hundred countries and a 2,000 employee-strong team.



Ferrer Germany offers real innovation therapeutic solutions for hospital use. We rely on our 60 years of experience in research and development to work towards developing and facilitating access to medication of the highest quality on a daily basis.

Our three main areas of expertise:


New standard of care in the management of agitation.

With the only inhaled antipsychotic, Ferrer Deutschland offers patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and their treating physicians a new option in the acute treatment in psychiatry. Within one inhalation the innovative Staccato® Inhaler delivers an aerosol of loxapine for rapid de-escalation of agitation.

It is our intention to facilitate the demanding every day routine in acute treatment setting for physicians and other health care professionals and to contribute to a better quality of life of patients with psychiatric disorders. For this we are engaged with our products and services.

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Effective solutions in the perioperative setting

A quick and controlled management of blood pressure in the perioperative setting is a true challenge for the treating anesthesiologist. An ultra-short acting calcium channel blocker has the advantages of selective arterial vasodilation and it is very well controllable with an initial plasma half-life of about one minute. It is metabolized and inactivated independent of liver and kidney function which makes it a reliable therapeutic option for the clinician and the quick and precise control of blood pressure.

Interventional Cardiology

The specialist for coronary interventions

For use during percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI), Ferrer Deutschland offers the only immediately acting and reversible platelet aggregation inhibitor for intravenous application. The active pharmaceutical ingredient inhibits platelet activation rapidly, completely and reversibly and it reduces thrombotic cardiovascular events in adult patients with coronary heart disease.This characteristic allows a very good control of aggregation by the cardiologist. With this eventual waiting time before cardiac surgery can be reduced significantly.

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