We provide specific solutions and responses to needs that are not being covered

We provide specific solutions and responses to needs that are not being covered

Ferrer’s commitment towards society goes beyond the boundaries of our business activity


People have now started to care about their well-being in a more active way, and they do so from a global perspective. Because of this, we at Ferrer place all the information needed at the disposal of society in order that people may make decisions about their health. The objective is also that of providing a response to the demands of patients who wish to take part in decision-making about their well-being and the processes that affect them within it as soon as possible. 

As a company operating in the healthcare sector that is focussed on the pharmaceutical sector, we at Ferrer believe that collaborating and participating closely with patients in the development of treatments and solutions to meet their needs is a matter of paramount importance. 

We include them in all the key stages in order that the proposals arrived at end up being really useful for those for whom a solution to a specific problem is to be given. This implies including patients both in the process of defining the pathologies to focus on, the development of the concept, the form of administering, the design of the clinical studies and evaluations of efficiency.


Our commitment towards people is crystal clear, it involves being close to patients and liaising with them to develop the very best comprehensive solutions possible to achieve the best possible well-being.


We work towards a secure use of therapies by providing reliable, up-to-date information. Safety is a key component in the quality of medical assistance and the patients have a right to it. True to our principles, and with the objective of improving people’s health and physical integrity, we at Ferrer are committed towards channelling all the necessary efforts towards preventing potential adverse effects produced by the medication. Because of this, they undergo strict surveillance and monitoring, including when there are no specific alerts.