The Ferrer team

Professional growth and humane relationships

Professional growth and humane relationships

We at Ferrer care about all those who form part of the organisation. 


We encourage the professionals in our team to develop their profiles freely, in a fair and egalitarian manner by always practising polite, humane interactions.

Ferrer’s objective is that of being a more efficient, focussed and transparent organisation that has clearer priorities and objectives. To this end, we shall be counting upon people as our main competitive advantage. Ferrer’s aim is to empower our internal team and its professionals in order that they may give the most of themselves and contribute towards the organisation’s purpose.
This makes it essential to guarantee a work environment in which people may develop their skills, bring their knowledge to the table and generate a positive impact, both for Ferrer and for society as a whole. 

To this end, the People department guarantees the following:

  • Having agile processes and structures in place.

  • Upholding a leadership model that is aligned with Ferrer’s values in order to positively impact results.

  • Working from the starting point of a relationship based on trust and responsibility, two elements that are key to achieve the objectives set..

  • Developing talent on a daily basis in order to arrive at profiles that are experienced, who possess a solid knowledge of the business and who are responsible and independent.

  • Defining and applying uniform criteria to ensure that Ferrer’s team is informed, understands the decisions made and believes in the company’s progress.


Ferrer’s contribution towards society may also be seen in the trust the company places in the new generations. We at Ferrer aim to facilitate access to the employment market for young adults and students thanks to collaborations with universities with whom we have work experience agreements. In this way, we are able to contribute towards training by providing instruction and experience to new professionals in a sector as demanding as the pharmaceutical one.

To this end, we have defined the new 70-20-10 Training Plan for 2019. The plan combines three types of actions that are aligned with the organisation’s strategy and objectives: experience, exposure and training.


Furthermore, we at Ferrer aim to foster employment market insertion for the local population and for people with disabilities or who are at risk of social exclusion. Provided the task allows for it, we collaborate with companies that have a policy of integration of people with disabilities and that have availability of collaborators from a special employment centre (CET - Spanish acronym-), be it in-house or externally. Currently at Ferrer we collaborate with three special employment centres (Laboratorio DAU, Fundación ASPRONIS and BIBLOX) as well as a further two companies linked to special employment centres (ISS, which is linked to GELIM, and EULEN, which is linked to MISMA EFICACIA).