Ethics and compliance

The fundamental principles that guide us


With the aim of achieving sustainable success, at Ferrer we have the firm belief that our culture of ethics and compliance are key elements for the development of our activity. 

As a member of various sectoral employers in different countries, at Ferrer we fully comply with the requirements included in their respective codes of ethics and respect all the regulations applicable to our products.

Our Ethical Code applies to all Ferrer collaborators and management, as well as to those working in the group’s companies, it encompasses behavioural principles for the company’s internal relationships and its relationships with interest groups and goes beyond regulatory compliance.


We also have a series of policies and procedures that develop the principles set out in the Code of Ethics, such as the Anti-Corruption Policy, the Trade Controls Policy or the Money Laundering Prevention Policy, which complement the other Compliance rules of the pharmaceutical sector.

Our ethics and compliance policies also determine the way Ferrer interacts with third parties (suppliers, distributors, licensees and other). In Ferrer we are convinced our commercial relationships are more productive and they have a greater social value when they are based in common values.

Explore our related internal policies:

Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery policy
Corporate Policy of Interaction with Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Organizations and Patient Organizations

Among the governing bodies, and in order to regularly address issues related to the development of Ferrer's Ethics & Compliance Model, risk prevention and management, and the promotion of ethical culture in the organization, in Ferrer we have the Ethics and Compliance Committee.

In order to be able to continue doing things well, we have different channels to be able to communicate breaches or suspicions of non-compliance practices againt the Code of Ethics, the principles and values of the organization or internal or external rules.

Ethical Channel
Inform about non-compliance practices through our Ethical Channel

The communications received will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and, among others, the principles of presumption of innocence, proportionality, non-retaliation and privacy will prevail.