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The pharmaceutical industry is driven by the objective of attending to people and their health, and collaborating with all those involved is what allows for achieving this objective. The actors involved include the healthcare system, with its centres and installations, the healthcare professionals with their knowledge and clinical experience, the pharmaceutical industry with its skills and financial capacity and the patients themselves, with their experience in handling their disease, all cooperating towards achieving a proven model of success that has revolutionised healthcare over the last decades.

95% of the medication available has been developed in line with this model, and scientific evidence points at new medication being responsible for 70% of the growth in life expectancy in the last few years.


The pharmaceutical sector must be at the forefront of international scientific knowledge and place at the disposal of society solutions to cover their needs in terms of health and well-being. Because of this, Ferrer invests in research and development and establishes collaborations with organisations and professionals of the healthcare sector. These actions must be accompanied by full transparency and a commitment towards keeping society informed, in order that the nature of these collaborations, as well as the added value they represent and what they add in terms of well-being may be understood.

The collaboration between the healthcare industry and its professionals is particularly important. 

Research and development of new medication and its proper use would not be possible under the current terms without this collaboration, whether it be collectively, between healthcare organisations or individually.

This collaboration is extremely positive for professionals, as it allows for keeping their knowledge about the medication up to date, further improving it and helping them reinforce their ongoing training, as well as by allowing them to participate in cutting-edge research on an international scale. All of this improves the quality of care in the healthcare system and benefits patients, which is the ultimate goal of healthcare provision.

By way of example of our commitment towards transparency, and in order to strengthen the trust placed in us by society, on a yearly basis, we publish transfers of value and payments made to healthcare professionals, organisations and patients’ associations, in addition to those relating to Research and Development.

Transfers of value

Transfers of value related to research and development


*Additionally, the German affiliate allocated €50,000 in transfers of value related to R&D

**Additionally, the German affiliate allocated €25,000 in transfers of value related to R&D

Deontological codes and product regulations

Ferrer is a member of a number of sectoral employers’ associations and fully complies with their respective deontological codes and the regulations that apply to our products.