Great Work

We consolidate our commitment to flexible working

In Ferrer we've consolidated our commitment to flexible working through our own model which does not impose any restrictions on whether or not those employees whose tasks allow them to work remotely actually come in to work or work from home. Under the name Great Work!, the pharmaceutical company has opted for an Activity Based Working system, based on a culture of trust and responsibility to allow different ways of working depending on the activity each person carries out. 


“In line with our aim of generating a positive impact on society, we want people at Ferrer to be able to choose where, how and when they want to work. And this goes far beyond the working hours and the location. We are promoting a culture that is committed to talent and its development, to people’s well-being and to a respectful, ethical and inclusive work environment”, explains Beatriz Vila, Chief People & Sustainability Officer at Ferrer.

Launched in January 2022, the new model does not set a minimum attendance requirement and encourages autonomy and personal empowerment so that employees can decide which is the best formula for them at any given time. To accompany the change, the Barcelona offices have been completely remodelled and now combine individual work spaces with spaces for teamwork, ideation, collaboration and socialising. Designed for people and keeping their comfort and well-being in mind, these spaces also take organisational efficiency criteria into account in order to achieve better synergies and results, as well as environmental sustainability criteria, in accordance with LEED and WELL certification criteria. 

A comprehensive wellness programme has also been implemented, which includes a continuous learning programme, a personal support programme, the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits, sustainable mobility, yoga and Pilates classes and a physiotherapy service, among other activities. 

“Considering the volatile nature of the current context and the need for a multiple approach to the challenges we face as a company, we are also promoting the use of streamlined methodologies and transversal work teams. And what we are perceiving is a high level of commitment and motivation from people who see how their well-being, work-life balance and performance have increased”, adds Vila.

Within the Great Work! model, Ferrer stresses that it is important not to forget socialisation and team bonding which is why it has published an in-house guide with recommendations and frameworks for action. 

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