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The natural enhancers from citrus flavonoids

Bioflavex improves animal health

The Bioflavex range comprises effective natural enhancers for adding to feeds for all livestock and companion animals, bringing health and nutritional benefits to the animal organism. Bioflavex is a rich Citrus flavonoid complex made from bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) and grapefruit (Citrus paradisi). The use of Bioflavex products in animal production has resulted in efficiency and performance improvements, and a mortality reduction in several species.


Flavonoids are powerful phenolic compounds naturally present in all higher plants

The flavonoids identified in Citrus fruits cover more than 60 different flavonoids, including aglycone and glycoside forms. They can be found primarily in the peel, but also in the edible part of the fruit. Among the glycoside forms, hesperidin, naringin, neohesperidin and isonaringin are the most known Citrus flavanone glycosides. Its intake has evinced improvements in efficiency and performance, and mortality reduction thanks to their wide range of chemical properties.

Bioflavex formulation based on Citrus Flavonoids has demonstrated important functions into the animal organism such as:

Antioxidant: Flavonoids protect the intestinal epithelium versus oxidative and free radical damage, inhibiting lipid peroxidation enzymes.



Anti-inflammatory: Flavonoids inhibit cytoquine, histamine production and the release of arachidonic, controlling the molecular mediators that generate chronic inflammation.



Modulator of microbiota populations: Flavonoids can regulate microbiota due to its capacity for promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, and act on some pathogenic bacteria.



Immunomodulation: Recent studies suggest that flavonoids can modulate the expression of Toll-like receptors, which reduces the continuous activation of the immune system.



Bioflavex range of products

Bioflavex combines the rich citrus flavonoid complex obtained from bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) and grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) with a synergistic mixture of organics acids. 
Species: all animal species


Bioflavex GC:
Based on bitter orange extract, Bioflavex GC (Gut Care) protects the intestinal epithelium from oxidative damage and modulates bacterial populations, enhancing the composition of the gut’s microbiota. 
Species:  Swine, poultry 


Bioflavex RC:
Bioflavex RC (Ruminal Care) is specially designed for ruminants, acting as a natural enhancer for the prevention of ruminant acidosis. Bioflavex RC is made of bitter orange extract and Naringin, having a powerful effect on rumen fermentation. 
Species: Ruminants


Bioflavex CA:
Bioflavex CA is a highly concentrated natural enhancer composed of a standardized mixture of bitter orange extracts of the whole fruit.
Species:  Swine, ruminants, poultry, aquaculture, pets


Bioflavex L:
Bioflavex L is a liquid natural enhancer made of a complex of citrus flavonoids. The liquid presentation enables to be added in the drinking water, provided the legislation of the country allows such type of additive administration. Bioflavex L is also suitable to be mixed with other liquid additives, such as organic acids.
Species: Swine, poultry