Great Place to Work

We achieve Great Place To Work certification in 5 countries

Ferrer has been recognized in 5 countries as an excellent place to work by the Great Place to Work® consultancy, a leader in organizational climate and culture. Our affiliates of Central America and the Caribbean, based in Costa Rica, and Chile have been certified for the first time and Spain, Mexico and Portugal revalidate their certifications from previous editions.

After a diagnosis of the organization's climate, which includes the answering of a questionnaire by the people who work at Ferrer, we have achieved the certification that certifies us as a company "with a culture of trust, capable of attracting and retaining the best professionals.”

In addition, among the aspects most valued by the company's professionals, are the ethics and transparency of the company, the pride of belonging generated by Ferrer's purpose of making a positive impact in society, as well as fair treatment, regardless of age, race, gender, or sexual orientation. It also highlights Ferrer as a welcoming company, where collaboration and inclusiveness prevail.

The Ferrer certification comes after strongly promoting a cultural change based on trust, accountability and the comprehensive wellbeing of our teams, committing to a respectful, ethical and inclusive work environment to promote personal and professional development fairly. This cultural change has been developed through the Great People strategic pillar, which completes our corporate positive impact strategy together with the Social Justice, to contribute to a fairer and equitable society, and Liveable Planet, oriented towards enviromental protection.

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