Ferrer launches its new corporate website: disruptive, more accessible and focused on transparency

Ferrer has launched a new corporate website with a redistribution of its content that perfectly reflects the company's corporate identity, focused on its three main pillars: global consciousness, people orientation and a job well done. In addition, it now has a new design and structure which breaks with what is expected of the pharmaceutical sector.

The domain has taken a 180º turn and now fully responds to the requirements of a modern digital platform. According to Beatriz Vila, Ferrer's Chief People Officer, “the new website is a true reflection of the important transformation that we are going through at Ferrer. All the departments of the company have taken an enormous qualitative leap in terms of modernization and adaptation to the present day and, best of all, it has been done while staying faithful to the essence that makes us unique: our purpose of creating a better society by promoting people’s real wellbeing.”

Apart from the obvious upgrade in terms of design, incorporating more vivid colors and enhancing the use of images and infographics, the update has been carried out with user always front and centre. Both the menu and the sections within the pages are designed to facilitate navigation in a straight-forward and attractive way, adding clarity and simplification.

The platform is also completely responsive, adapting to the growing trend of digital consumption through mobile devices and incorporating the highest navigability criteria. Nick Russell, Ferrer's Head of Communication: “Ferrer's new website represents a huge communications milestone for the company. Anyone who visits it will be able to get an exact idea of what type of organization we are and, in addition, they will be able to keep up to date with our main activities.

One of the elements that has been most valued in the redesign of the platform is the transparency section. It now has greater visibility and the company’s finance-related aspects are now much easier to find. Apart from offering the main economic data on revenue and investment with infographics, a specific section on Transparency has been incorporated into the main menu itself, marking it as one of the key components of the corporate content. In it, the information provided is fully accessible and navigable, incorporating a new dynamic application for value transfers. This tool allows the user to consult any payment made during the last five years to health professionals, health organizations and patient associations, as well as value transfers related to research and development. The application permits searches by keyword, simplifying the consultation experience.

Ferrer's new website represents an important milestone in the process of digital transformation in which the company is currently immersed.

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