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Ferrer joins Barcelona + B, a project to bring the business community closer to the SDGs

Ferrer, in our commitment to promoting a business model focused on people, social justice and the planet, as is reflected in our strategic plan, will collaborate with the Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona Activa, and with the B Lab Spain Foundation, a non-profit organization, to launch the Barcelona + B activities program, aimed at promoting transformation and change in business to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Foundation creates standards, policies and management tools for companies to achieve the B Corp standard, known for its positive effects and its efforts to work for a more prosperous society.

Barcelona + B begins in 2021 and will last until 2023, to raise awareness among businesses in the city in terms of the SDGs, so that they contribute to the changes that the economy needs to improve our society and the planet, values ​​that are shared with the Barcelona Green Deal municipal and economic plan. The City Council joins the project with a public-private collaboration to project Barcelona as a reference city in the construction of a global movement capable of carrying out a business transformation.

The contribution that the business community can make to the SDGs, the main pillar of this project, translates into a better quality of life for citizens, an inclusive and regenerative economy, and a more respectful economic model. To put it into practice, the tool designed by this entity with the United Nations is called 'ODS Action Manager', and will be used so that companies can measure their impact and improve their contribution to the SDGs.

Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Scotland and Switzerland already have their + B model
Barcelona will follow the success of Cities Can B, which has been carried out in the countries of Switzerland, Scotland, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, and have promoted different collaborative activities, the emergence of new apps, like “Entrepreneurs-B” in Santiago de Chile + B, which supports company learning, or a program to visualize impact strategies, like the one in Rio de Janeiro + B. Around 1,500 companies and more than 350 professionals and entrepreneurs have participated in awareness-raising activities with this tool.

Barcelona + B will create alliances and a more active and committed network, and will integrate the SDGs more directly in the local world. Entrepreneurs, businesswomen, academics, impact investor groups, the local community, public and political authorities can all participate. In addition to the workshops and activities, an intensive retreat is included for attendees to deepen in responsible and high-impact practices, aligned with the challenges of the 2030 Agenda. Individual and collective values ​​will also be explored, as ways to amplify the results.

An open platform will also be created for different ecosystem partners to jointly generate activities. It will include, for example, a section on Cluster + B, so that city clusters can work together on social impact measures, or a section on Data + B to create a new more ethical and responsible data management model. Thanks to these dynamics, we want to strengthen the community and generate different drivers for change.

Presentation at Ca l'Alier
This initiative will be presented during the first Conference of the 2030 Agenda in Barcelona, ​​which will take place on December 1 and 2 in Ca l'Alier to analyze its compliance with the SDGs. Organized by the Barcelona City Council, from the Commissioner of the 2030 Agenda, the conferences will address, among other topics, the commitment of companies to the 2030 Agenda and how to raise awareness on SMEs and micro-enterprises in the achievement of the SDGs.

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