Ferrer, strategic partner of Barcelona+B, the initiative to promote a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive city

Barcelona, 26 April, 2022.- Ferrer has joined the Barcelona City Council, EADA Business School and B Lab Spain in the Barcelona+B initiative, a pioneering project in Spain to promote social and business transformation and promote a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive city.

Given the need to act against the climate emergency and social inequalities, Barcelona+B is a pioneering initiative in Spain that seeks to improve the social and environmental impact of companies and citizens, to turn them into the main agents of change and positive transformation.

Its objective is for companies, universities, foundations, public institutions, entrepreneurs and citizens to work together to make Barcelona a better city, projecting it as a new benchmark internationally in business transformation and in contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the local level.

Barcelona+B is part of the Cities Can B global network, which is already present in cities such as Santiago de Chile, Mendoza (Argentina), Asunción (Paraguay), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Edinburgh (United Kingdom). In this way, Barcelona joins a global movement to mobilize hundreds of thousands of citizens and organizations to contribute to the SDGs and improve the cities in which they live. Barcelona+B already has multiple allied organizations that collaborate in the dissemination and development of the project, such as: Acció, Barcelona Center de Disseny, B Academics Spain, Barcelona Global, Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Comunidad B Catalunya, Impact Hub Barcelona, Netmentora and Ship2B Foundation.

At the presentation of Barcelona+B this Tuesday at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, Mario Rovirosa explained that “being part of Barcelona+B fits perfectly with Ferrer's purpose of making a positive impact in society. There is no better way to drive transformation and business change than by actively participating in initiatives like this and setting an example. Although we really are more about doing than telling, we also believe it is our responsibility to encourage other companies to do the same. If we don't act now, two generations from now, young people won't understand how companies were just out to make money and did nothing to leave them a better world.”

In fact, in line with its purpose of generating a positive impact on society, at the beginning of the year Ferrer became the first Spanish pharmaceutical company to join the B Corp community, a movement that brings together more than 4,500 companies throughout the world involved in the transformation of the economy and the measurement of business success based on the wellbeing of people, communities and the planet.

Mobilize and promote collaboration

Following the model of Cities Can B, the initiative in Barcelona will be aimed at mobilizing and promoting collaboration between the main agents of the city around the SDGs and the promotion of a cultural change that redefines the way in which each of the actors assumes their responsibility and impact on cities.

Barcelona+B has programmed an agenda of activities and initiatives to respond to the main social and environmental challenges of the city of Barcelona. One of them is the conference to be held on May 3 at EADA Business School, a meeting that will be the starting point to start building a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive city. Another of the conferences that will be organized, this time on June 2, will be the "Introduction Impact Campus", a training program with which it will be possible to measure the social and environmental impact of companies to develop improvement plans.

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