Days for Good

The Ferrer team let loose their activism in the first Days for Good

Ferrer continues to make a positive impact in society, organizing two intense days of putting activism into practice across the company. During this first edition of Days for Good, on October 6th and 7th, everyone in the organization was invited to join up and participate in one of more than 30 activities of solidarity that were organized in Spain and across the countries in which we operate. 


The participants had the opportunity to carry out actions with a clear social impact, such as helping to renovate schools, collaborating in the distribution of food to people in need, increasing awareness about the social dimension of diseases and offering professional guidance to young people in vulnerable situations. 

In total, 1,300 volunteer hours have been dedicated to causes that contribute to greater Social Justice, which represents one of Ferrer’s three strategic pillars. With four areas of focus - food, access to health, education and employability - the company supports people in situations of vulnerability, in order to contribute to a fairer and more equitable society and ensure equality of opportunity. 

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